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Hello guys,

Welcome to this about page of survivalativity.com.

From long time ago, the roles of health to human life and the relationship between human health and exercising or outdoor activities which are really close and directly relate to each other. Especially, in some recent years, human health is become one of the most concerned problem of every countries and become the hot topic anytime it is shown up or be talked about at anytime. As you all know that human health in the recent time is affected by a lot of different factor, most of them is actually from human activities in industry, factory operation, or human daily wastes. The ratio of cancer and some other new diseases is rising and there are many problem can come as the effects of modern life such as the over weight or obesity in young people is really high, especially in Western countries and in US.

So that, many research are done and for the time pass by, there are various types of answers and solution for this problem such as new method of exercising, lession and also the diet too. I was fat, for real, and I know that the feeling between fat and thin people is really different, with a fat body, you can get a lot of trouble which is not only in the daily activities such as choosing fit and beautiful clothes but also a lot problems of health such as Osteoarthritis, heart-related diseases, etc. And now when I was try to loose the spare weight and get thinner, I can do a lot of things and activities that I never have thought about back then. And my secret is jogging.

You know, jogging is not only simple, it does not require too much of equipment, just a good pair of shoes you can start to exercising, jogging also is one of the most effective way to lose weight and help to develop the Respiratory System and heart system in the human body.

In this site, you can find a lot of articles and shares about the roles and effects of jogging for human heath and also a lot of tips for you find out the secret of the best shoes for jogging in the market because the design of shoes is for different purpose such as football shoes, basketball shoes and jogging shoes have different characteristics of the design and material.