Using Tree Barks to Survive

Life in the wild isn’t easy. In the wild, you get to experience the exhilarating thrill of the lurking danger in every corner of the wilderness. A whole place full of trees and wild animals hidden from the civilization. Indeed, it is an adventure to people who seek the rush of unknown danger. But what if you ran out of supplies in the middle of a forest, away from civilization? How will you make use of the resources at your reached? How will you survive in that situation?

You can get a lot of things in the forest. You can hunt small animals to feed on. You can get various things from trees, too. You can get fruits from it to quell your hunger. Its leaves can serve as a shelter from the scorching sun, but how about the tree barks? What are the things that you can get from them? Here are some of things that you can get from tree barks when you are stuck in the middle of the wilderness.

Use tree barks as tinder

Tinder is a material that is highly combustible. You use it to make camp fires for cooking and to warm in the cold nights.

You can use those rotten, chaffed dead parts of the tree barks as tinder. You peel them off from the trunk, then dry and pound them up before using. Dried tree barks can be highly combustible specially if they have longer fiber strands. Here are other examples of tree barks that you can use tinder; birch tree barks, cedars, junipers, paw paw, basswood. These tree species have fibrous barks, making them susceptible as good tinder.

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Use tree barks as medicine

Tree barks can also be good medicines when you are stuck in the wild. The inner bark of the red oak can be a good tunic acid for skin infections like rashes, inflamed skin. The elm tree twig bark tea can cure sore throat and coughs. Apple tree bark tea can be a good anti-pyretic medicine for fevers and a cure for diarrhea. Willow twigs can be a good analgesic to relieved yourself from pain. These are just some examples of medicinal trees. You can check out this website to know more examples of medicinal trees.

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Use tree barks as bedding

You can also convert tree barks into comfortable bedding. You can gather fallen branches,leaves and twigs and gather them to make a make shift bed to protect you from the cold, moist forest ground.

Use tree barks as food

Some tree barks are also edible. In times hunger, tree barks can be a good source of food. A town in Finland even made a bread of out of tree barks just to survive the harsh winter season! Maple, birch and pine tree barks are some of the trees that have edible tree barks. It is easy to prepare them, just shred the bark until it reaches the cambium or the most inner part of the bark. If there are some resin that would flow out, you can lap them. The resin can you give instant energy. You can eat the barks raw or you can pan-fry them. You can even add noodles or insects.

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Use tree barks as ropes

You can also make ropes out of tree barks from fibrous trees like mulberry and basswood. These trees are good tinder, at the same time they have sturdy and flexible strands. They are very good for making ropes. Cedar and tulip poplar strands can make a durable rope if weave into a thick rope. This is because their strands are very thin. You have to get the strands from the inner bark before weaving them to ropes. If you don’t know how to weave tree bark strands into ropes, you can check this link to see instructions on how to do it.

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Use tree barks as containers

Aside from ropes, fibrous tree barks can be good containers. You can weave basket out of the thin, flexible strands out of tulip poplar, cedar and birch trees. You can make canoes and buckets out of the bark of the birch tree.

In survival activities, one must be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally. Trees play a vital role in the wilds. It is a home to many untamed creatures, it protects us from the harsh weather and provides our need in times of scarcity and survival; Food shelter, medicine and other survival tools.

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