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Tips and Tricks for Safer Home: Keeping your comfort zone secured


Do you ever look for ways, tips and tricks for safer home?tips-and-tricks-for-safer-home-keeping-your-comfort-zone-secured

Everyone surely wants a safe home to live in. With the existence of a big heap of information on the internet, it’s easy to type on Google, our very bestfriend: Tips and tricks for safer home. Most likely, we’d be met with ideas from all over the world, creative ideas from every homeowner who had crafted brilliant ways to keep their homes functional and safe.

However, being global, some ways could be far from practical or doable in your place. Also, there’s just too much information online. If you’re looking for your basic kit for tips and tricks for safer home, read on!

In the following paragraphs, we shall be discussing tips and tricks for safer home that are easy to follow. These tips and tricks include three highly functional and handy products to keep homes safe and comfortable and their uses. These products are not only greatly helpful, they are also widely available and highly accessible for everyone, no matter which part of the globe you live in.

Tactical Flashlight


This is a handy device that will not only help keep your home safe, but generally make all tasks at home easier. When you’re inside your home, carry it with you at all times by hanging it on your clothes or tucking it into one of your pockets. A tactical flashlight has so many purposes, you can consider the following features when you get yourself one:

Sturdy body and toothed bezel

A sturdy and heavy flashlight might be a bit of a burden to carry, but it could certainly be used for self-defense and breaking windows if the need arises. For extra protection and functionality, some tactical flashlights’ bezels are toothed and could be used as an improvised weapon in times of emergency. Make sure they’re sturdy, or they’re not going to be of much use. You wouldn’t want them breaking after a strike or two. A good material would be titanium, or an aluminum alloy.

High Lumens

Get a tactical flashlight that has enough lumens to temporarily blind an aggressor, make sure too that the feature is easily accessible. This could come in handy not only for potential aggressors, but also as a safeguard in keeping your home safe in spite of power outages or other emergencies that may make your house dark. A lot of accidents could happen in the absence of light, but having a great and bright tactical flashlight in hand could allow you to avoid that.

Strobe, SOS, and other modes

These modes are charactherized by lights that are slowly or quickly blinking. They could be used to distract an agressor or as a way to fake TV lights inside your house when no one is around. This one’s tricky though, as it may or may not be convincing depending on the light’s distance from the window. Still, it could come handy!

These are some of the tips and tricks for safer home using a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight alone is greatly useful already, but there’s more!

Light Timers


It helps to give the idea that someone is inside. You can opt for automatic ones, but more often than not, it’s also great to let the lights turn on and off in varying times for the day. If you are being watched for a couple of days, it could be easily noticeable if the lights go on and off at the same exact tie each day.

Dummy surveillance systems

If you could afford to, get a real one! But if you can, there are many ways to make your house safer by creating the impression that it is heavily watched.

Alarm System Decals

Use decals that announce to  the whole neighborhood that your house has surveillance cameras! You may or may not have ones inside, but trust us, this helps.

Dummy surveillance cameras

tips-and-tricks-for-safer-home-keeping-your-comfort-zone-secured_1These may or may not work, but do try your best to make it really convincing. A lot of tutorials online have instructions in creating one. It could be an empty container, or if you’re teachy enough, you may use a webcam to monitor your house from afar!

That’s it! Some tips and tricks for safer home that are quick and easy to follow! You can get a dog if you want too! Embrace the safety of your home and leave your anxieties at bay whenever you leave home!

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