Survival Tips In A Jungle

Love to travel and explore new adventures on our green earth? Travelling across the world has become a lifestyle for many people these days. However, there is no comfort in this feat. To adapt yourself to different environments, follow this simple rule: “When in Rome, do like Romans do”.

We all are used to savor the pleasure of luxurious life we humans have created on this globe, but our souls are actually put to test when it comes to surviving in a jungle. The basic threat that one faces in a jungle life is getting our basic needs— food, water and shelter. Here are few survival tips that you can keep note of in case you have decided to spend a day in one.

Look for safe water source

Water is the basic need for survival; be it in urban areas or a jungle. Jungle areas are mostly rainfall prone areas so water is not usually hard to find. However, the collected water needs to be purified so that you are not succumbing to illness. One of the techniques is making a solar still.

In constructing a solar still, choose a moist area in the jungle where you can easily dig a bowl-shaped hole. Place a container in the middle of this pit covered with a plastic sheet and a small rock placed in the center of this sheet. The moisture will react with the heat and produce condensation that will be forced down in your container.

If there is a river or stream, you can collect water from it. Don’t forget to boil the water so that it’s safe to drink. You can easily find a large shell or a can to boil the water.

Find edible food 

Another thing needed for survival is food. Jungle is a hub of various plants and animals that are edible, but you need to be careful enough before you consume any of them. Some of the tips to be kept in mind are: avoid plants with umbrella-shaped flowers, the ones that have thorns, and plants with white or yellow berries.

You can try your hand on fishing, too, by carving your own 4-pronged bamboo spear. To do so, just find a piece of 6 to 8 feet of bamboo stick and make an intersecting cross- cut creating four prongs and sharpen these prongs with a knife and here is your bamboo spear.

Make a reliable shelter

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A shelter is needed in a jungle to protect you from wildlife intruders. This can be done by following few simple steps. Find a big branch and lean it against a tree and provide a support for it by placing smaller branches at 45 degree angle. Cover this entire structure using a plastic cover or foliage and leaves.

Create a fire

Fire is much needed in a jungle for variety of reasons. It can be for protection from cold, boiling and purifying water, cooking eatables, scaring away wild animals or creating a smoke for a rescue signal.

You need something to heat the wood at a very high temperature in a jungle to create the spark. This heat can be produced from a lot of different things – a match, concentrating light, or something that creates a friction.

Avoid dangerous animals

Watch out for the snakes and poisonous insects in the jungle. It’s good to follow your track without making any noise. If you don’t, you will put the attract animals to your direction. It’s good to keep a stick or a machete to clear the vegetation around you, which will even help you in avoiding the spider webs. Rub down mud on the exposed skin to prevent mosquito bites. Be careful while handling plants too as some have big thorns while some are poisonous.

Track your path

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Walk in one general direction in a jungle so you won’t get lost. Follow the trails that are left by the animals as this will gradually lead you to some open areas or water sources nearby which will also help you to track down your rescue path.

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