Survival Tips In A Deserted Island

When we dream of paradise, we think of sparkling blue waters, lingering smell of fresh air and fine white sands. But what if this kind of place would make that dream of yours turned upside down? Let’s suppose that you are trapped on an island all by yourself that might be either because of a shipwreck, a land crash, or that you have been left out with your companions. However depressing it would be does not mean it’s the end for you. The chance of your survival is still there, you just have to work it.

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Check your physical condition

First things first, if you’re on a deserted island because of a shipwreck or a land crash, examining if you are well is your first priority. See if you have caught some wounds. No matter how little it would be, it should not be taken for granted and should be treated as soon as  possible as it might become infected and might got worse. It is best to be very careful to prevent any further injuries and damages.

If you are soaked with water, make sure to take your clothes off and dry them for a while. Find any available things that can be used to cover yourself as overexposure to sunlight and cold winds might be the last thing you need.

Create a shelter

Once done, you can now prepare for the things that are needed for your survival in a deserted island. It is important to acquire a shelter. Make one from any materials that can be found in the island. In this kind of situation, anything will do. You might find some useful things in the broken airplane or boat you are in during the tragedy. Any broken pieces, even if it looks like a piece of junk, might prove useful to you in the future. All you need to know is their proper use. Small pieces of wood can be dried up and can be used to make a fire while the big ones can be used for the shelter. Remember that sleeping in the ground may not be such a good idea.

You should also consider choosing the suitable location for your shelter. Right now, your shelter does not need to be a means of comfort but rather a mere protection for you in the climate of the tropics. Make sure your shelter isn’t nearby with any coconut trees as coconuts may fell unexpectedly that might cause damage to your shelter and even to you

Protect yourself from animals and insects

You should know that even if it is a deserted island, it is not merely deserted. There are some living creatures in the area and you may find some to be dangerous. Common are mosquitoes and poisonous snakes in the tropics.  Make some ways to protect yourself from the mosquitoes, like making any mosquito nets or anything of that sort.

As for those poisonous snakes, try to get the area unobstructed and always keep the fire going so as to prevent any to come close to you.

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Find edible food 

Since you’re in a deserted island, finding some food may not be that hard as there are a lot of sources of food in the area. However, searching for foods that are eatable may not be that easy. There may be a lot of foods but you cannot be certain that those foods do not contain any harmful substances that might poison you.

You can always examine the food and check whether or not it is poisonous. As for the sea food, especially the clams and seashells, see if it is easy to open because if it is, then you should throw it away as it cannot be eaten anymore. Those that are hard to open are most likely the safer ones. Try to cook them still just to make sure.

Look for water

You should not forget one of the most important things; that is, to find a good source of water. You cannot survive without water for just three days, especially on tropical areas where the heat of the sun is much stronger. If you are in an island with a lot of trees that can be a source of water, then consider yourself fortunate.

Your last option would be the seawater, but don’t drink it recklessly. You can only drink seawater when you are able to distill it. You can do it if you know how to make a solar still. If not, then refrain from drinking one as it can cause you to dehydrate much faster than drinking nothing.

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