Survival Tips In A Forest

There might be some unexpected events that would force you to find yourself lost in a forest. This may be because you have separated with the group or you came alone and happened to got lost on track. Either way, in this kind of situation, there are things that you have to consider if ever you want to survive and eventually find your way back.

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Don’t panic.

Once you have grasped the situation you are in, remind yourself to keep your composure. Panicking can get you to nowhere; instead, it would just make the situation worse. If you are overpowered with terror, you may lose your ability to think clearly. Keeping your composure would be the thing you need most for you to be able to survive as well as for you to get out in the forest.

Find shelter.

Forests are known for their plentiful amount of trees or woods, in particular. These would be favorable to you as it can give out a lot of benefits in accordance with your survival.

Just in case you still have not yet been found and you would need to stay up for the night in the forest, you can create or find a place where you can stay. There might be some caves or a big hole in a tree that can be used as your shelter. If there’s none, then you have to build one. You can use a branch of a tree or an agreeable size of wood that would act up as a structure while the leaves of trees would serve as a cover or a roof in your shelter.

Look for food and water.

After you are done with that, you should now go find a source of food and water. Search for trees that bear fruits and check if it is safe to eat. Surely, your experience would not be fulfilled without  eating any bugs. Do not worry about its taste as it is not your concern for the time being. If you want, you can cook them just to make sure. You should take off their heads and tails before eating.

As for the water, you should search any existing body of water in the area. A stream would do, although it is not certain that it is safe to drink as it is not purified and might hold a large number of bacteria. To be sure, sterilize the water by heating it up to its boiling point.

Make a fire. 

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It’s a good thing a lot of woods that you can use to make a fire. Having a fire is of great use to you. You can use it to cook your food, sterilize water and warm you especially during the night. However, make sure that you’re fire is not big enough to cause an accident. Remember that a lot of trees surround you.

Think about your safety.  

What are mentioned so far are the basic needs— food, water, and shelter. They are what you need in your daily life. However, since you are trapped in a forest, your survival require more than just your physiological need. Your desire for safety needs should be look upon, too. The key for you to go back safely is to take a careful step in whatever you do. 

Don’t stray far. 

As soon as you realize that you are lost, you should only move within a minimum area. If you stay on the place where you lost track, the possibility to find you easily would be high. Whenever you do move because you need to find some food and water, make sure to mark or put anything that will indicate that you have been there. In this way, you would know your way back in your ground zero. In case there would be passerby, it might as well serve as a  sign that you have been there . It’s not good to completely rely on help but it’s not bad to ask for it either.

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