Preparation Guide Before Going to the Wilderness

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As you go on an adventure in the wilderness, fun and danger comes together. Sure enough, travelling to a place where every view is beautiful, each sight is new and all corners are unknown, couldn’t be anything but amusing. Then again, wilderness is full of mysteries. It is a place where the unexpected can get you puzzled anytime.

Outdoor enthusiasts are very much aware of the risks of traveling to the wilderness and the hazards of outdoor recreation, yet still go on just to see the beauty of nature, the wonders of earth. There are so many things that could happen to you in the midst of the wilderness. There might be some kind of accidental injury, sudden climate changes, equipment failure, and many other unexpected situations you can be completely unprepared of.

Detailed prior planning and complete preparation is very essential before going on an outdoor adventure, where safety is at risk and survival is the utmost priority. It’s not like some guy from Wrong Turn will come running to you, but it’s rather good to expect the worst. Here is a preparation guide for a wilderness adventure, so you can have fun and stay safe at the same time.

  1. Pack the essentials

While it’s not totally necessary to wear ton-weighing backpacks on track, nuts and bolts must always be on hand. Here are the most essential things that should be inside your travel bag:

  • First aid kit: As you have fun out in the wilderness, you can get accidental injuries and all. It’s not easy to find a doctor in the middle of nowhere, after all, so it’s really important that you can perform first aid measures by yourself for yourself and for others. It can be hard to enjoy the moment while feeling even a little pain.
  • Water and food: Next to fun and safety, health security should come next on your priority list. How could you possibly have a good time with a hungry mouth and empty stomach with zero energy left?
  • Appropriate footwear: When on an adventure, wear good shoes. By that it means safe, comfortable pair of the best travel shoes. Bring extra socks in case what you’re wearing gets wet or dirty.
  • Other essentials: Extra clothes, map and compass, knife, matches or fire starters, flashlight with extra batteries, and sunglasses and sunscreen
  1. Know your route

Understanding your route or camp site is very important when going out on a new, unfamiliar place. Map and compass can help, but having a pre-hike will be better. Otherwise, you can always look up to the internet to view images so you can take a peak of what the place looks like. Getting lost in the middle of the wilderness couldn’t be any worse.

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  1. Set the date according to the weather

Weather is unpredictable just as the wilderness is, but discussing the possibility of weather can be of great help. Deciding on a date of trip is probably the perfect time to pay attention to the news forecast. Settle on a date when its in-line with your schedule and the when the weather’s perfectly smooth.

It’s also a smart move to be on trail early, early enough to get to the site before the sun sets and the road gets dark. For overnight trips, it’s still important to be early and get off the trail before the dusk. Storms often come in the late afternoon, especially on mountains.

  1. Be physically prepared

Stepping into the wilderness isn’t just about picture-taking and sight-viewing, it’s jam-packed with adventure! As you arrive, you might want to engage to physical activities that are absolutely extreme for you. Make sure you’re in best shape and your body is able to handle such extreme adventures you’re about to take on.

  1. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone

The wilderness is vast and a mystery, but that’s what’s made it awesome. It’s a place where you experience the great challenge of Mother Nature and of providence, too, in point of fact. Anytime can be your time of doom out there, but a mentally prepared adventure dweller can come to grips with just about everything.

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