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In the wild, the safety that we have in the cities mean nothing because wild animals are present. There are various fauna in every location in the world. Most of them are carnivorous predators which is why you need to watch out for them as you journey into or live in the wild. There are lots of reports about people getting lost in the wild and were ultimately killed by animals in the process. There are even people who got poisoned by snakes during adventures.

We can never blame their existence because mother nature provided it to balance the world. When it’s necessary, they can be hunted for food during survival situations. This is by any means a requirement for you to learn during events where you need to apply survival skills, especially in the wild where animals consider it as a habitat. Below is a list of the top animals that are often seen in reports and some tips on how to avoid them:


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There is a chance of encountering a bear anywhere in the woods. These are one of the top human attackers of all time and are known to be picnic lovers as well. The best tip that you need to remember when encountering one in the woods is to never run since they are faster than you and they get more agitated if you do just that. Keep your food out of reach from them as they might fight with you over it. Never make a noise when they are present and just move slowly if they don’t happen to see you. Learning how to check their tracks is also a wise decision to make. Playing dead is also a good option when attacked.


Wolves are beasts and predators in the wild. However, much like most dogs, all you need to do is to avoid eye contact and just slowly walk away. Fighting is a choice once they start to get aggressive and the best thing to use is something long. Go for their nose and protect your upper parts especially the face and neck. Food and leftovers must be left for you to safely sneak away from them.


These animals are stalkers of the mountains and forests. They are predators that can eat you off as well. Avoiding eye contact is the best choice as you maintain distance and slowly walk away. If they are approaching, be sure to act in a very loud voice in order to show dominance as you throw stones. Once this happens, never turn back, and fighting is also needed if they are attacking. This tip also goes for other wild felines as well.


Snakes are one of the most dangerous animals even if they are not as big as those mentioned earlier. These reptiles are one of the scariest since they can climb on trees and blend in with tall grasses before they make a jump at you. Some snakes might stay at your shelter if they just want to warm themselves up during the evening, but that doesn’t mean that they will attack you head on. Just stay calm if you run into one and don’t do sudden movements to alert them; they will naturally leave afterwards. You can also slowly walk away or if you really feel threatened, just shout since they are extremely sensitive to vibrations of sound. However, if there is no other choice since they are aggressive and probably hungry, then just kill it off.


They might look cute and amusing as we see in cartoons and in some shows, but these predators are known to eat humans alive. They are very strong animals especially in the sea. It is highly inadvisable to make a survival shelter by the riverside. Simply distance yourself from these animals, and if they are catching you, be sure to keep running fast and pass through narrow areas with lots of trees. Climbing is an option if the area is wide for them to chase you because attacking them can cause death for you.

These survival tips have been tried and tested by professionals already and were the key steps in letting them get food in the wild as well. Knowing how to handle the animals in dire situations may be the only thing the will keep you alive in your adventure.

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