Making tactical flashlights an every day companion

A tactical flashlight could be useful in more ways than one. It is called “tactical” because it was initially created to serve tactical purposes for men in the military or police in a mission.

Tactical flashlights could be used in self defense, or simply in finding lost things or a lost direction. You may not appreciate its use at first, but once you have it, you’ll be surprised at how often you may have to pull it out when in need.

A tactical flashlight could make daily tasks easier simply by providing the user better sight of what he or she is doing. Our sight is one of our strongest senses, and providing ample light when needed makes a big difference.

It is therefore practical to consider a tactical flashlight that could be a daily companion. By having one, it must be mobile and easy to carry around for you to be able to take it around with you and have it within reach when you need it. What would an everyday companion tactical flashlight be if it’s in your room when you need it in your office?

There are several criteria to consider in choosing an everyday tactical flashlight. Here are some:

Size and weightmaking-tactical-flashlights-an-every-day-companion-3

This is one of the primary things to consider in choosing an everyday carry flashlight.

It has to be light an compact enough for you to be able to carry it around without any discomfort, or even without noticing it.

Some tactical flashlights could simply be put in your pocket, but it would be easier to have it hanging on your belt

The material of the chassis is mostly what accounts for the tactical flashlight’s weight. Most flashlights are made of anodized aluminum, they are light and durable enough. Some are made of lighter plastics, while others are made of an equally light but significantly more expensive titanium. If you don’t think you would mind the weight, a stainless steel is a good option too.


 An everyday carry flashlight would mostly be needed for simply illumination.

If this is the case, you may simply buy any simple but durable tactical flashlight available.

However, if you are considering to use it for self defense, you may consider buying ones with a solid and rigid body, and special modes for blinding or distracting an aggressor. An easily manipulated switch is also a must.



It’s important to choose your everyday companion well.

The goal is to make it a part of your daily life, and to even make it an extension of yourself.

With this in mind, you can choose one that you are comfortable with in terms of controls, modes, weight, size, shape, and grip.

Once you get your ideal tactical flashlight buddy, I doubt you’d be thrilled to have to change it when it breaks or stops functioning.

To really have it easily carried with you around your routines, it must be able to last long and strong. Look for tactical flashlights with a solid chassis and a LED light that has a long life span.


Most of the durable tactical flashlights that are meant to last a lifetime would significantly cost more than the others. That may sound like an impractical buy, but it’s a wise choice for something that you’d like to keep for years and years.

Instead of buying a new one each time the old one breaks, or instead of buying one that will eventually break and deciding that you wouldn’t want the hassle of a tactical flashlight anymore, it’s better to buy a tactical flashlight that will last for a long time.

There are many mid-range and high-end choices to choose from. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, durability, and weight, but you could make up for that by knowing its capacities and limitations and taking care of it as needed.

All in all, a tactical flashlight is a fantastic investment. It could definitely help you become more productive in your daily task.


If you are considering buying one, I suggest for you not to back out on this plan. This is one of the best decisions one could ever make. Just keep in mind that a good tactical flashlight would be one that would be within reach when you need it. That includes emergencies that you may have no foresight on, so it’s best to have one you’d be comfortable bringing around with you at all times.

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