Keeping Your Spirits Up in the Wilderness

If you are trapped in the wilderness, you must be equipped with the ability to survive whatever comes your way in the wilderness. If you have enough food and water for the night, you are most likely to have the highest chance to survive. However, you need to find shelter and other sources of food for the next days. After checking all these things and ensuring the means for your physical needs, there are still other important matters to look into.

Aside from physical needs, you also have to make sure that you are emotional, psychologically and morally alright. In order to keep your spirit up in the wilderness, you have to check these four things.

Sincere Prayer

Prayer is one of the most powerful ways to overcome misery in desperate situations. It is also one way to keep you busy as you talk to God. Moreover, prayer is a great means to express yourself. It brings hope in this kind of situation. Ask your mates to join you and make a sincere prayer of thanksgiving and supplication. Faith is one great thing that you need to keep your spirits up in the wilderness.

Positive Mind Set

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You are in a negative situation, but you can always find a way to spark a positive mindset for everyone. It is very important that you keep a strong fighting spirit. If you have a positive mindset, you will be able to think right. You can assess the situation and make plans. And if ever your plan didn’t make it, you can easily cope up with the situation, plan again and implement plan B.

Without optimism, even if the problem seems solvable, you will be most likely to fail your journey and lose the spirit to fight. Lastly, positive mindset lets you raise your mates’ spirits, too. You might even be increasing your chance of survival with this.

Contingency Plan

Before making your trip or journey, make sure that you have a contingency plan at hand. Plan ahead so you won’t get upset or shocked in unlikely situations. Planning can be very beneficial, especially for unexpected and unwanted circumstances. A good contingency plan makes you alert and firm. Think of everything that may happen while you are in the wilderness and try to devise a solution for each of them.

A wise person is a person who always has plans. If plan A won’t work- there are still 25 letters of the alphabet, from plan B to plan Z, for sure. Some of these plans will eventually work.

Peer Encouragement

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Being in the wilderness with other people may prove to be at your advantage, especially if they are your friends. It’s true that you need to find more food and water, and build a bigger shelter. However, you get to do all these activities with them, which can make the experience more fun.

Still, there will be times when everybody else seems down. In such situation, you must encourage yourself first so you can encourage your mates. This way, you can all stay determined.

It is very hard to keep one’s spirit’s up in a dire situation. When everything seems falling apart and your hope is slowly loosening up, it’s easy to get discouraged. This is a common attitude for everyone. However, you have to see the beauty in everything. As the old saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason.” If you have these four things, you will find it easy to survive the wilderness.

Survival doesn’t simply means getting out of the wilderness. It also entails overcoming difficulties and making you a better and stronger human being. It’s not enough to prepare the things you need in your journey, you must also prepare your mind and spirit. You will never know when you will be lost or what you are going to encounter during your journey. If you succeed in keeping your morale high and never giving up, then you are a survivor!

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