Hunt For Food: Using Traps and Snares

During the olden days, man thrived on animals and plants to live. More often than not, men hunt by groups in order to catch a game big enough to sustain the whole tribe, while women would plant crops and look after the children.

Hunting is important in terms of survival. Men in the olden times hunt with the use of a bow and arrows. Some would hunt with the use of traps and snares. Hunting by bow and arrow is more time consuming and you need to exert more effort in it compared to hunting by snares and traps. With the use of snares and traps, you can just set them up and wait for the prey to take on the bait.

In hunting, there are certain things that you need to remember before making traps and snares. First, you have to know what are the animals that you are going to hunt. Knowing the animals you are going to hunt allows you to decipher what kind of snares and traps that you are going to use. Second, do not leave traces of your presence. Animals are sensitive with their senses. It is best that you masked your presence; because if the animals knew that you are in their territory, they tend to avoid the place or attack you. Lastly, you must know how to construct traps and snares.

Snare is a trap using a looped wire or a cord that is set up to catch animals. Snares are often set up near the habitats of the prey. When the prey is caught on a snare, they tend to pull away from the trap, causing the noose to tighten around the part where the animal is caught. There are different kinds of snares that you could choose from.

Simple Snare
The simple snare is the type of snare where you are going to put a noose over an animal trail and attach it to a stake that is planted firmly on the ground. The snare must be big enough to fit the animal’s head. For the simple snare, it is best if you use a wire instead of a cord because when you are using a cord on your snare, the prey can slip out from the noose.

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Drag Noose
Place two forked sticks on both side of the animal trail and lay a cross above the forked sticks. Hang the noose on the cross. Make sure that the noose is hanged on the same level of the head of the animal. Once the animal is caught on the noose, the noose will tighten around the head of the animal as it drags the cross towards the area, thus, making it easier to catch. This snare is suitable for animals on the run like deers.

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Rolling snare
This snare is also known as the spring snare or twitch up snare. This snare is more efficient compared to the other snares mentioned above. Though it’s a little bit complex, it is more efficient. To make one, you need two sticks– one should be longer than the other. The shorter stick is used as the trigger, a wired noose and tree sapling. You are going to tie a wire from the sapling and attach it to the shorter stick. Carve a small 45 degree angle on the longer stick and make a hook on the shorter stick this will serve as the trigger of your rolling snare. Once the animal is caught in the snare, the animal will be hung above the ground, strangling it on the process.

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Traps,compared to snares, are easier to construct. Traps often times kill the prey by hitting its head with a heavy object. There are two kinds of traps that mostly used in survival hunting. For traps, often times hunters would use baits to lure animals to the trap.

Split Stick Deadfall Trap
To do this, you will need a boulder, two pieces of sticks that has the same diameter of a C battery, and a stick that is as thick as pencil. In this trap, you are going to lift one side of the boulder,use the three sticks to form a T shape structure. However, you need to be careful on constructing the trap, especially with your hand.

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Paiute Deadfall Trap
The Paiute Deadfall Trap was invented by the Pauite Tribe. This trap differs from different regions of the country. In some states of the US, this trap is illegal and is only use if the hunters have no other choice but to do so. Before using this trap, please check if this trap is allowed on the hunting grounds that you are currently hunting. This trap is similar to Split Stick Deadfall trap but it is more complicated in structure. This trap is said to be efficient and a lot safer compared to split stick deadfall trap.

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Survival hunting maybe very challenging. You must be equipped with enough on how to hunt for food while you are in the wild. Patience and knowledge of the area is very important to create a perfect snare or trap for you survival in the wild.

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