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How is a Laser Beam Different From a Tactical Flashlight?

Light is very useful. The presence of light helps us to become more productive and thus, accomplish more. Take for example, tactical flashlights are multi-purpose torch lights in compact packages. Laser beams are compact too, and are use for other special and daily tasks as well. Both are portable light sources, but what’s the difference between the two?


The main difference

To settle it once and for all, the huge difference between a tactical flashlight and a laser beam is the light concentration. Tactical flashlights emit light that is less concentrated and far more spread out compared to the thin and precise light emitted by laser beams.

Differences in common usage: How is it used?

  • Lasers are a lot more precise than flash lights, which make them best for meticulous work. Laser beams have a lot of uses for medicine, metal, and entertainment technologies. The precise and often invisible but highly concentrated light has the energy to make precise cuts on metals, or for reading CDs in classic CD players. The most common lasers have a red or green visible light, often use for pointers in presentations.


  • Tactical flashlights on the other hand are more commonly used. It is generally used to light up a dark or dim area, and may have a place in basically any part of our daily lives. It could be used in fixing your car, finding lost or misplaced documents, lighting up a dark path, and even blinding a potential aggressor for self defense.

Speaking of self defense, these two have more specific purposes for shooting. Here they are:

Differences for self-defense: Which is better for shooting?

  • Did you know that laser beam lights and tactical flashlights could be mounted on guns for shooting? Laser beam emits a green or red light that is good for marking the target. It’s a great accessory for beginner shooters, as you only have to have night vision glasses to see them. Basically, once mounted on the gun, all you need to do is point the laser beam at the target, shoot, and you got it! It’s perfect for equipping beginners with precise shooting skills despite zero or minimal training.


  • However, if you really want to train someone to be great at shooting for the long run, laser beams may not be the best. Because once you’ve been using it for a long time and you go shooting without it, the aim has a high probability of being bad. On the other hand, some mount tactical flashlights on guns to have a better view and awareness of their surroundings. Shooting in the dark could make a shooter blindsided. The disadvantage of this however, is it is good for practice, but not exactly for real-life situations, as turning on a tactical flashlight would mean broadcasting where your exact location is.

Lastly, it is also important to know that tactical flashlights could serve more daily purposes compared to laser beams, depending on what you do. As tactical flashlights illuminate, while laser beams are mainly used for tasks that require precision. Tactical flashlights are often made to be sturdier too and are often sold for a higher price. If you are thinking of buying one of the two, consider your purpose first.

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