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CREE Flashlight Review: Best LED Lights For Tactical Flashlights

CREE lights are known for manufacturing the best LED light sources. CREE LED lights produce lights with high lumens capacities and CREE flashlight review say that this high lumens output has no tendency of exploding for too much heat. They are known for illuminating large dark spaces even with just a small bulb. CREE flashlight review often talk about how CREE makes the most multifunctional and high-performance portable light sources that a person could utilize for all kinds of purposes; may it be trivial daily tasks or emergencies.

CREE Flashlights Review

Two of the best CREE flashlights that we need to talk about are the Ultrafire 7w 300lm Mini CREE LED Flashlight Torch and the Mikafen Flashlight Torch. The two are good and handy flashlights with a very powerful capacity in terms of light output, having CREE LED light sources. This CREE flashlight review will give a brief comparison of the two and choose one that fares better. A more comprehensive CREE flashlight review will then follow.

UltraFire 7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch

Mikafen 5 Pack Mini Cree Q5 LED Flashlight Torch

If you are looking for a great companion outdoors, Ultrafire 7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch is a better companion for its waterproof features. Both flashlights have the same weight, size, clip mechanism and on and off button on the tail cap. It even has the same mechanism of stretching the flashlight’s body for zooming the light in and out. The only difference is that the Ultrafire is made tougher and long lasting by its waterproof features while the Mikafen packs a brighter light at 3500 Lumens.

If you need a very blinding light by your side, Mikafen might be better. But very few people would need as much as 3500 lumens in hand.

CREE Flashlight Features

UltraFire 7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch

Zoom features

This flashlight’s beam could be zoomed out by pulling the head of the flashlight away from the body. It could work well in focusing the beam on a distant and specific point or simply scattering thin light in a wider space. With the bright light that it packs, the light on this flashlight could cover a great distance and area.


This is made to last and impress with its waterproof chassis that could be perfect for bringing around for any day, weather, or purpose. The body is also skid-proof, assuring a good grip for any situation. This flashlight is perfect for bringing on the rough road outdoors. Bring it to camping, hunting, cycling, biking or other outdoor activities without worries! No worries on a flashlight slipping away with this chassis’ skid-proof texture packed in a 9.4 cm LED flashlight that only weighs 65 grams.

It also has a clip that could be attached to a bag, pockets, or anywhere convenient. It’s easy to say that this flashlight is really made with its user’s comfort and ease in mind.

Bright light output

This flashlight could give out a maximum of 300 lumens, enough to blind a person at maximum level. The blinding maximum brightness capacity could be lowered by either spreading the light to flood mode or switching modes to low brightness. The flashlight has 3 modes: low , high, and SOS. SOS is a mode that makes the light blink slow, a sign that signifies emergency and could save battery at the same time.

Convenient power source

The flashlight is powered by 1 AA battery. Not all people may see this as a best choice for a power source but there are rechargeable AA batteries and these could easily be replaced as needed.

Convenient control

The flashlight is operated by a tail cap button to switch modes and turn on and off. Then, the torch could be pulled in and out to switch from a throw beam of light to flood and vice versa. However, some find the clicking confusing. The position of the button on the tail cap is very convenient though.


Ultrafire 7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch

+Durable, made to last

This product is water and skid-proof. It could me immersed in water, but not for a long time. Since it is skid proof, having it slip from your grip to a puddle of water is no longer an issue to worry about anymore.  This product is clearly made to be an every day companion that is made to last for a long time. You’ll never lose it to accidental slipping or unexpected rain.

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+Lightweight and compact

This flashlight is small but durable and has a powerful light packed in it with its aluminum alloy chassis. It is an ideal combination for any every day gadget.


-Power source

The power source can either be a pro nor a con. It is not the newest available power source and can not be directly recharged, but it is widely available and easily accessible, making running out of power a small possibility.

Furthermore, it only uses 1 AA battery. If you have 4 rechargeable AA batteries at home, that could go a long way and you could stock on it in your bag, office, and at home.

-Not very easy to manipulate

This flashlight comes with two variations of clicking, a full on click and a light press. The light press is used for switching modes and the full press is used for turning it on and off. These two levels could be confusing most times, making the flashlight not entirely responsive for every click. This doesn’t seem to be a big problem but is a signifier that this flashlight should take some getting used to.


This flashlight is a powerful light that is made to last in a small package. If you’re looking for the best CREE light in a small package, this is a good choice. It is well designed for tough daily use with its weather and skid-proof design. It is lightweight and powered by 1 AA battery, a very easily accessible power source.

This flashlight could also be zoomed in and out, switching the flashlight’s beam from flood to throw. A feature that could be use in many day-to-day instances.

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