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Best Rechargeable Flashlight: Never Run Out Of Power For Your Portable Light Source

Buying and stocking on one-time use batteries are now becoming a thing of the past, especially for flashlights. Rechargeability is now an important factor in choosing the best rechargeable flashlight for its convenience, eco-friendliness and practicality. If before, we had to buy AA or AAA batteries from the convenience store and end up throwing them out after a few days to months of use, the best rechargeable flashlight now allow us to recharge batteries in one of our outlets anytime we need it.

The best rechargeable flashlight is a trustworthy companions that could help us in every day life. How could more light be bad for any task? With a trustworthy flashlight in our pockets, we could go through are tasks with ease no matter what the light conditions are. A flashlight could simply be utilized in a hundred ways in our daily routines.

Here are two best rechargeable flashlights that could be helpful in your daily shenanigans: The CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 LED and the CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L 8066-T6


CVLIFE 800 Lumens Cree Xm-l 8066-T6

Which one is The Best Rechargeable Flashlight?

Two remarkable rechargeable flashlights in the market are manufactured by CVLIFE. Both have close specs to each other, except for a few alterations in mechanism. The CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 LED is lighter and is stretched to zoom light in and out, however, the CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L 8066-T6 is a bit heavier but is twisted to adjust lights zoom from a throw beam to flood.

Overall, we see XM-L 8066-T6 as the better option among the two due to its better mechanism in switching from flood output to throw. Twisting the knob in CVLIFE 800 Lumens Cree Xm-l 8066-t6 is easier to control and could be more compact compared to pulling the torch to and from the flashlight’s body in CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 LED. It may be a little heavier, but the weight could be handy most especially if you need to break windows or a weapon to hurt a potential agressor.

However, since the two are very close in specs, you can also choose the XM-L T6 for it’s weight. Extra care should be done though for it’s pull out mechanism to make sure that it won’t loosen through time.

Both flashlights can be charged in the car or on wall outlets. Running out of power would not be a problem.

If you’re not convinced or you simply want to learn more about what the XM-L T6 has to offer, read on as we discuss its features, pros, and cons further. This may help you in knowing if this is the light you need.


Flashlight Features

Recharge your flashlight anytime, anywhere

This flashlight could be charged through an outlet on the wall or through the car.

It makes use of rechargeable 18650 batteries that last to a day or more depending on the intensity of the usage. Usually, if one uses the flashlight regularly all through out the day in medium lumens output,

  • Bright output

With 800 lumens from a premium CREE LED light source, this flashlight has a blinding brightness and should be handled with care. Never direct this flashlight to a person’s face unless it’s for the purpose of saving yourself from an aggressor. The light is so bright that it could temporarily blind a person, but it’s also widely useful because of it’s higher capacity.

  • Five modes

Although the flashlight has a high maximum brightness, it has 5 different modes. It is thus unnecessary to pose threat to the peole around you for simple daily tasks.

This flashlight could emmit low, medium, or high light lumens and also has strobe and SOS modes for emergencies. Switching modes is easy. One can switch from one mode to another by pressing the power button twice.

  • Flood and throw

This flashlight could also switch from throw to flood mode simply by twisting the dimmer of the torch. If you need to spread the light wider, the dimmer of the torch can simply be turned to adjust the width of the output light. It can be a narrow beam that reaches far or a relatively shorter flood of light that spreads far.

  • Sturdy exteriors

This flashlight comes with a chassis made of aluminum alloy, making it both light and tough at the same time. Aside from the purpose of readjusting focus by turning the dimmer of the torch, this could also be used as a weapon to hit an aggressor, or break windows and other surfaces if needed.

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  • Easier mechanism to control light’s spread

It’s easier to twist the torch for controlling the light beam’s spread. It’s near the power button and is easy to control. It’s also a more intact mechanism compared to the pulling for XM-L T6.

  • Various modes

For normal daily tasks that need minimal brightness, the low and medium modes could be used. High brightness could be used for emrgencies or very dark areas while SOS and strobe could be used for different kinds of emergencies.


  • Heavier

This flashlight is slightly bigger, longer, and heavier than the XM-L T6. The difference is minute, but might make a big difference in fitting in pockets.

  • Switching modes may require a lot of clicks

It has a total of 5 modes. The power button has to be pressed once to turn off and twice to switch to the next mode. This means that if you want to switch from low brightness too high brightness, you would have to click 5 times. If you want to switch from low brightness to SOS mode, a total of 9 clicks would be needed.


Running out of power is not an option for a flashlight intended both for being a companion for efficiency and emergencies. A good CREE flashlight should be available when and where you need it and it would be best if it could be charged anywhere and anytime. This charger could be charged either on the wall or on the car. It is sturdy, bright, and has zoomable light. It also has an SOS mode that can be used both for emergencies and saving battery.

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