Best flashlight brands showdown: Fenix vs Nitecore

Switching to tactical flashlights

Everyone who has got to get their hands on a handy and reliable tactical flashlight know how far their better off with one than the disposable plastic flashlights in the market. It’s ultra portable, durable, and made to last. Pair that up with mechanisms and other features and you’ve got a best-friend right in your pocket!

Choosing to switch to tactical flashlights from normal ones or even from not having lights in your pocket at all is an easy switch. The choices get tougher once you see the available tactical flashlight options in the market. The options are widely varied in terms of price, capacity, mechanisms, and size.

Best Flashlight Brands

The market for tactical flashlights is wide and varied and the players, the brands that design tactical flashlights, know their game well. Each brand boasts of a technology or mechanism unique to it. The choices and ideas are truly diverse and brilliant, and they sure don’t make it easy for one to choose the ideal tactical flashlight.

One thing’s for sure: price isn’t the best criteria for choosing a tactical flashlight. Brands on the other hand, are reasonable basis. Although you may pay more for “just a name”, these names are famous in the market for a reason. If people keep on buying products, then they must be doing something right.

Which brand is better for you? It’s not just a question of competence, it’s now a question of which exactly would match your needs. Tactical flashlights are designed from budget to size and power output for various and specific tactical flashlight users. The key to finding the perfect one is careful research and mindful decision-making.

Nitecore vs Fenix: Which is better?

Two of the biggest players in the tactical flashlight industry are Nitecore and Fenix. Which is better for you and what are the advantages of one over the other? Is it worth the price or is it overrated?


Nitecore is commited to creating bright, multi-mode, and tough tactical flashlights in small and practical packages. Their production process observes adherence to continually producing flashlights that are creative, unique, perfectly engineered, and most importantly, practical. Their designs are sleek and good engineering make its products a superior competitor in the market.

Nitecore releases lights on various product lines that are specialized on camping, every day carry, searching, and other tactical purposes.



  • Durability

It is especially known to be a good and tough flashlight for its patented spring-loaded absorption mechanism with reverse polarity protection.The technology’s name is pretty long, but it just basically makes the flashlight shock-proof and protects the tactical flashlight’s circuits and lights from shock when the flashlight falls.

Let’s face it, a tactical flashlight is expected to fall in one way or another and we can’t throw a big amount of money on something that will leave us after a fall or two. This innovation is present in models like SRT 6 and 7.


  • Convenient power source

Nitecore is also known for its power source convenience, as it makes use of up to 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. These batteries last really long, and a display is provided in the tactical flashlight to let the user know how much of the battery is left. No guessing or estimations required! Switching modes can consume different amounts of power in a given time, and it just isn’t easy to predict when you’ll run out of battery. This display is called a patented side switch power indicator light. This is specifically found in their Precise series.

On top of that, they pioneered USB charging and integreated A/C adapters that make running out of batteries a minor concern for its users.

  • Convenient UI

It’s also easy to use with its 2-button user interface as compared to the more difficult to operate single-button ones in the market.

  • Intelligent automatic dimming

In terms of battery life and light output, Nitecore also came up with an Adaptive Dimming Technology that utilizes an advanced circuit that is sensitive to angle and automatically dims lighting when the flashlight is pointing down to reduce glare and maximize battery life.


Premium and professional. This is one word that could describe Fenix. Fenix employs professional and talented engineers to design innovative technologies and advanced tactical flashlights, flashlights that are way ahead of its time.

Fenix, as made by professionals, are also made for professionals. Although adaptable to every day use, they have various lines made specifically for policemen, hunters, and soldiers.


  • Rugged and Bright

It’s designed to be tough and rugged for it to fit into the tough lifestyles of such people. Despite portable size and a tough chassis, it still manages to pack an abundant amount of light inside. Its light is one of its greatest highlights, as even the smallest once can pack really bright lights, enough to blind an aggressor or light up a dark area outdoors.

  • Convenient design

H-series are hands-free head lamps, while L-series have pocket clips to be tucked securely in its users’ pockets. It also comes with a wide array of accessories like bike mounts, filters, pressure switches, and more!

  • Trusted Quality Assurance

A lot of Fenix users do point out that aside from the great light output that this tactical flashlight provides, Fenix is known for its strict quality assurance procedures during the manufacturing process. Their customer service is also stellar, but the flashlights are tough enough to need much maintenance at the service center after.


In conclusion,

Fenix and Nitecore has an advantage over each other. If you’re looking for convenience in UI and battery usage, and if you aren’t after that much light output, then Nitecore is for you. Fenix is known to be tougher with its quality assurance, but fear not. Tactical flashlights by itself are made to be tough and last long. If you are careful enough and your job or purpose doesn’t compel you to move too fast or drop your stuff accidentally, this is a good choice!

If you’re a professional looking for the most light output with a sough after quality assurance practice to assure that your tactical flashlight would be there right when you need it, no matter how tough times could get, then Fenix is for you!

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