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How is a Laser Beam Different From a Tactical Flashlight?

Light is very useful. The presence of light helps us to become more productive and thus, accomplish more. Take for example, tactical flashlights are multi-purpose torch lights in compact packages. Laser beams are compact too, and are use for other special and daily tasks as well. Both are portable light sources, but what’s the difference between the two?


The main difference

To settle it once and for all, the huge difference between a tactical flashlight and a laser beam is the light concentration. Tactical flashlights emit light that is less concentrated and far more spread out compared to the thin and precise light emitted by laser beams.

Differences in common usage: How is it used?

  • Lasers are a lot more precise than flash lights, which make them best for meticulous work. Laser beams have a lot of uses for medicine, metal, and entertainment technologies. The precise and often invisible but highly concentrated light has the energy to make precise cuts on metals, or for reading CDs in classic CD players. The most common lasers have a red or green visible light, often use for pointers in presentations.


  • Tactical flashlights on the other hand are more commonly used. It is generally used to light up a dark or dim area, and may have a place in basically any part of our daily lives. It could be used in fixing your car, finding lost or misplaced documents, lighting up a dark path, and even blinding a potential aggressor for self defense.

Speaking of self defense, these two have more specific purposes for shooting. Here they are:

Differences for self-defense: Which is better for shooting?

  • Did you know that laser beam lights and tactical flashlights could be mounted on guns for shooting? Laser beam emits a green or red light that is good for marking the target. It’s a great accessory for beginner shooters, as you only have to have night vision glasses to see them. Basically, once mounted on the gun, all you need to do is point the laser beam at the target, shoot, and you got it! It’s perfect for equipping beginners with precise shooting skills despite zero or minimal training.


  • However, if you really want to train someone to be great at shooting for the long run, laser beams may not be the best. Because once you’ve been using it for a long time and you go shooting without it, the aim has a high probability of being bad. On the other hand, some mount tactical flashlights on guns to have a better view and awareness of their surroundings. Shooting in the dark could make a shooter blindsided. The disadvantage of this however, is it is good for practice, but not exactly for real-life situations, as turning on a tactical flashlight would mean broadcasting where your exact location is.

Lastly, it is also important to know that tactical flashlights could serve more daily purposes compared to laser beams, depending on what you do. As tactical flashlights illuminate, while laser beams are mainly used for tasks that require precision. Tactical flashlights are often made to be sturdier too and are often sold for a higher price. If you are thinking of buying one of the two, consider your purpose first.

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Tips and Tricks for Safer Home: Keeping your comfort zone secured


Do you ever look for ways, tips and tricks for safer home?tips-and-tricks-for-safer-home-keeping-your-comfort-zone-secured

Everyone surely wants a safe home to live in. With the existence of a big heap of information on the internet, it’s easy to type on Google, our very bestfriend: Tips and tricks for safer home. Most likely, we’d be met with ideas from all over the world, creative ideas from every homeowner who had crafted brilliant ways to keep their homes functional and safe.

However, being global, some ways could be far from practical or doable in your place. Also, there’s just too much information online. If you’re looking for your basic kit for tips and tricks for safer home, read on!

In the following paragraphs, we shall be discussing tips and tricks for safer home that are easy to follow. These tips and tricks include three highly functional and handy products to keep homes safe and comfortable and their uses. These products are not only greatly helpful, they are also widely available and highly accessible for everyone, no matter which part of the globe you live in.

Tactical Flashlight


This is a handy device that will not only help keep your home safe, but generally make all tasks at home easier. When you’re inside your home, carry it with you at all times by hanging it on your clothes or tucking it into one of your pockets. A tactical flashlight has so many purposes, you can consider the following features when you get yourself one:

Sturdy body and toothed bezel

A sturdy and heavy flashlight might be a bit of a burden to carry, but it could certainly be used for self-defense and breaking windows if the need arises. For extra protection and functionality, some tactical flashlights’ bezels are toothed and could be used as an improvised weapon in times of emergency. Make sure they’re sturdy, or they’re not going to be of much use. You wouldn’t want them breaking after a strike or two. A good material would be titanium, or an aluminum alloy.

High Lumens

Get a tactical flashlight that has enough lumens to temporarily blind an aggressor, make sure too that the feature is easily accessible. This could come in handy not only for potential aggressors, but also as a safeguard in keeping your home safe in spite of power outages or other emergencies that may make your house dark. A lot of accidents could happen in the absence of light, but having a great and bright tactical flashlight in hand could allow you to avoid that.

Strobe, SOS, and other modes

These modes are charactherized by lights that are slowly or quickly blinking. They could be used to distract an agressor or as a way to fake TV lights inside your house when no one is around. This one’s tricky though, as it may or may not be convincing depending on the light’s distance from the window. Still, it could come handy!

These are some of the tips and tricks for safer home using a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight alone is greatly useful already, but there’s more!

Light Timers


It helps to give the idea that someone is inside. You can opt for automatic ones, but more often than not, it’s also great to let the lights turn on and off in varying times for the day. If you are being watched for a couple of days, it could be easily noticeable if the lights go on and off at the same exact tie each day.

Dummy surveillance systems

If you could afford to, get a real one! But if you can, there are many ways to make your house safer by creating the impression that it is heavily watched.

Alarm System Decals

Use decals that announce to  the whole neighborhood that your house has surveillance cameras! You may or may not have ones inside, but trust us, this helps.

Dummy surveillance cameras

tips-and-tricks-for-safer-home-keeping-your-comfort-zone-secured_1These may or may not work, but do try your best to make it really convincing. A lot of tutorials online have instructions in creating one. It could be an empty container, or if you’re teachy enough, you may use a webcam to monitor your house from afar!

That’s it! Some tips and tricks for safer home that are quick and easy to follow! You can get a dog if you want too! Embrace the safety of your home and leave your anxieties at bay whenever you leave home!

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Finding the Best Compact Flashlight

On the hunt for the best compact flashlight?

It is relatively easy to find a compact flashlight now. There are so many lights that come in small packages these days. However, selecting the best compact flashlight has gotten more complicated over the development of technology. As more functions and capabilities are developed, the choices for the best has gotten more complicated. However,  it would be safe to say that there’s no better time to search for this than now.  It’s possible that compact flashlights could serve functions now that you may not even have thought of before.

How does one choose the best compact flashlight in the market?

The best flashlight market could essentially not be found out there, it’s actually in you. What do you need? What would fit most for your lifestyle? Many choices will be on your way, but here’s a quick run through on how you could get your hands on best compact flashlight, specifically for your needs!


Research on the Flashlight Market

  • Oftentimes, we would know what we need before buying anything. However, the flashlight market may be different. As human minds get more creative, compact flashlights (and other gadgets) have been constantly evolving to be multi-functional.
  • Flashlights now have different light modes and could be dimmed and brightened. Some have strobe and SOS features for emergencies, and some have lumens levels that go beyond a normal person’s daily needs. The variety never ends. Some compact flashlights could be keychains or have pocket clips, and others could even serve as can and bottle openers.
  • To select a great flashlight, one must know the many possibilities of what one may be equipped with.

Assess your needs and preferences

  • Compact flashlights are extremely handy. They are ideal for emergencies, and should ideally be carried on a daily basis. What’s your lifestyle like? If you have a rugged lifestyle, you might prefer a compact flashlight with a sturdy chassis.
  • If you do fieldwork in mountains and islands, you may prefer to have a flashlight with an SOS mode. A weather-proof chassis would also be goo. Features like water-proof and dust-proof must be up your alley.
  • If you often pass by dark and dangerous streets,  it could be best to have one that is best for self defense: a hard bezel and strobe light mode would be great.  The switch mode is also an important factor to look for, it should be very easy to turn on and switch modes.
  • If you are not very good at keeping things with you all the time, you could look for one with a pocket clip, or one that you could attach to a keychain. It’s also important to think of the flashlight’s texture. If you carry it with you all the time, a slippery texture wouldn’t be best.


  • If battery life and charging mechanism matters to you, there are rechargeable flashlights, flashlights that are powered by AA batteris,
  • Other factors like weight and adjustable beam may be important for you too. It’s important to know that the best compact flashlight might or might not yet be out there for you. Thus, it’s importance to prioritize your preferences, and just make sure to take note of what you definitely wouldn’t like in your flashlight (eg: short battery life or a plastic body). This is really going to give you a good direction. We hope you find all that you’re looking for in one!

Search for it on the market

  • After much research on how much a compact flashlight could do and knowing your preferences and needs, it’s now time to look for the this flashlight in the market, not just for anybody but specifically for you! You may narrow your search by going through brands first if you want to be sure with quality. Or you may freely rummage through tons of compact flashlights available out there.


  • When hunting for the best flashlight in a small package, make sure to countercheck the features on your list of yes and nos. You could strengthen your search by looking for reviews available online as well.

The best compact flashlight will definitely be your best every day companion, or it may stay as just another item that remains unused in your office table or bag. Choosing the best one specifically for you is crucial. Carpe diem!

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Where is the Most Powerful Flashlight?

What can the most powerful flashlight do?

You must be here because you’re in the hunt for the most powerful flashlight. Flashlights could work such wonders once you get to know how convenient keeping one within reach is. As users get to know flashlights better, few may wonder, what would a powerful flashlight be like?

That might depend on how one puts meaning to “power”. Would it be the brightest, the strongest, or the one that will survive the tests of time? Finding a powerful and great flashlight for your needs is a puzzle that we will attempt to solve here.


As you read on, we will discuss different features that may determine flashlight quality, what materials could be best for each, and any brand and model that will exhibit stellar performance in each category.

What we’re looking for could either be the brightest, meaning it has the highest lumens output amongst others. It could also have the strongest chassis, meant to break windows or assist in defending oneself against an aggressor in case of emergency. Lastly, it could be one with the longest battery life, and one that could last for years, possibly a great chunk of one’s lifetime. We’d prefer one that is a great mix of all. Let’s get started!


The most powerful flashlight could be determined by its lumens output. The brightest flashlight out there could light and entirely dark community in a cloudy night, and could certainly blind if it strikes an unsuspecting eye directly.

The brightest flashlight in existense now could give off 90000 lumens, a “flashlight” as it is called, that weighs around 5 kg and is powered by 10 100W LED lights. This is a DIY flashlight, and is very unconventional. It’s big for what one may think is a “flashlight” but light sources with high lumens outputs like this are perfect for lighting up an entirely dim setting, say, for a shooting or fieldwork. Lights with high lumens output are very fast on consuming battery, and thus, do not last that long.

Ninety thousand lumens is way over what a normal person would need on a day-to-day basis, and even in case of emergency and for work. However, it’s very useful for attempting to temporarily blind an aggressor or light up a very dark alley. The best and brightest lights are said to be manufactured by CREE. These are very bright LED lights, and are used for the brightest and more conventional flashlights out there. 3600 lumens flashlights from MECO and Nitecore are by far one of the brightest in the market at the moment.


Sturdy exteriors

When some people think of the most powerful flashlight, they think of a strong chassis that they could use for self-defense. The normal flashlights we see often on grocery stores are made of plastic, and are basically just used as a light source. However, tactical flashlights have a significant use for self-defense and other tactical purposes. It is used to break windows, other barriers, and attack aggressors (only when very necessary).

These flashlights have scalloped bezels made out of stainless steel. Most tactical flashlights are made to be sturdy. Aluminum alloys are lighter and relatively sturdy enough. Stainless steel is sturdy but heavy, which could be a pro or a con, depending on how one intends to use it. The most preferred material for the body is titanium, as it combines lightweight and sturdiness in one.

Eagletac has a D25C titanium model that is bright enough for day-to-day use, and could last long hours on the dimmer light settings. There are also some CREE powered titanium flashlights out there if you’re looking for lumens.



Aside from being sturdy, the most powerful flashlight should be able to withstand the tests of time. That would require being weather-proof, dust-proof, and skid-proof. If you acquire the best flashlight, might as well keep it for the long run. A good flashlight could ideally be equipped with all, or at least one of these to last long.

As you may have noticed, battery life or source is not mentioned here. Although you may consider it, the brightest lights require a lot of battery, and battery life would mostly depend on how much power you would need. All in all, we think that the most powerful flashlights are the brightest with wide coverage, enclosed in sturdy exteriors that are made to last.

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CREE Flashlight Review: Best LED Lights For Tactical Flashlights

CREE lights are known for manufacturing the best LED light sources. CREE LED lights produce lights with high lumens capacities and CREE flashlight review say that this high lumens output has no tendency of exploding for too much heat. They are known for illuminating large dark spaces even with just a small bulb. CREE flashlight review often talk about how CREE makes the most multifunctional and high-performance portable light sources that a person could utilize for all kinds of purposes; may it be trivial daily tasks or emergencies.

CREE Flashlights Review

Two of the best CREE flashlights that we need to talk about are the Ultrafire 7w 300lm Mini CREE LED Flashlight Torch and the Mikafen Flashlight Torch. The two are good and handy flashlights with a very powerful capacity in terms of light output, having CREE LED light sources. This CREE flashlight review will give a brief comparison of the two and choose one that fares better. A more comprehensive CREE flashlight review will then follow.

UltraFire 7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch

Mikafen 5 Pack Mini Cree Q5 LED Flashlight Torch

If you are looking for a great companion outdoors, Ultrafire 7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch is a better companion for its waterproof features. Both flashlights have the same weight, size, clip mechanism and on and off button on the tail cap. It even has the same mechanism of stretching the flashlight’s body for zooming the light in and out. The only difference is that the Ultrafire is made tougher and long lasting by its waterproof features while the Mikafen packs a brighter light at 3500 Lumens.

If you need a very blinding light by your side, Mikafen might be better. But very few people would need as much as 3500 lumens in hand.

CREE Flashlight Features

UltraFire 7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch

Zoom features

This flashlight’s beam could be zoomed out by pulling the head of the flashlight away from the body. It could work well in focusing the beam on a distant and specific point or simply scattering thin light in a wider space. With the bright light that it packs, the light on this flashlight could cover a great distance and area.


This is made to last and impress with its waterproof chassis that could be perfect for bringing around for any day, weather, or purpose. The body is also skid-proof, assuring a good grip for any situation. This flashlight is perfect for bringing on the rough road outdoors. Bring it to camping, hunting, cycling, biking or other outdoor activities without worries! No worries on a flashlight slipping away with this chassis’ skid-proof texture packed in a 9.4 cm LED flashlight that only weighs 65 grams.

It also has a clip that could be attached to a bag, pockets, or anywhere convenient. It’s easy to say that this flashlight is really made with its user’s comfort and ease in mind.

Bright light output

This flashlight could give out a maximum of 300 lumens, enough to blind a person at maximum level. The blinding maximum brightness capacity could be lowered by either spreading the light to flood mode or switching modes to low brightness. The flashlight has 3 modes: low , high, and SOS. SOS is a mode that makes the light blink slow, a sign that signifies emergency and could save battery at the same time.

Convenient power source

The flashlight is powered by 1 AA battery. Not all people may see this as a best choice for a power source but there are rechargeable AA batteries and these could easily be replaced as needed.

Convenient control

The flashlight is operated by a tail cap button to switch modes and turn on and off. Then, the torch could be pulled in and out to switch from a throw beam of light to flood and vice versa. However, some find the clicking confusing. The position of the button on the tail cap is very convenient though.


Ultrafire 7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch

+Durable, made to last

This product is water and skid-proof. It could me immersed in water, but not for a long time. Since it is skid proof, having it slip from your grip to a puddle of water is no longer an issue to worry about anymore.  This product is clearly made to be an every day companion that is made to last for a long time. You’ll never lose it to accidental slipping or unexpected rain.

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+Lightweight and compact

This flashlight is small but durable and has a powerful light packed in it with its aluminum alloy chassis. It is an ideal combination for any every day gadget.


-Power source

The power source can either be a pro nor a con. It is not the newest available power source and can not be directly recharged, but it is widely available and easily accessible, making running out of power a small possibility.

Furthermore, it only uses 1 AA battery. If you have 4 rechargeable AA batteries at home, that could go a long way and you could stock on it in your bag, office, and at home.

-Not very easy to manipulate

This flashlight comes with two variations of clicking, a full on click and a light press. The light press is used for switching modes and the full press is used for turning it on and off. These two levels could be confusing most times, making the flashlight not entirely responsive for every click. This doesn’t seem to be a big problem but is a signifier that this flashlight should take some getting used to.


This flashlight is a powerful light that is made to last in a small package. If you’re looking for the best CREE light in a small package, this is a good choice. It is well designed for tough daily use with its weather and skid-proof design. It is lightweight and powered by 1 AA battery, a very easily accessible power source.

This flashlight could also be zoomed in and out, switching the flashlight’s beam from flood to throw. A feature that could be use in many day-to-day instances.

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Best Rechargeable Flashlight: Never Run Out Of Power For Your Portable Light Source

Buying and stocking on one-time use batteries are now becoming a thing of the past, especially for flashlights. Rechargeability is now an important factor in choosing the best rechargeable flashlight for its convenience, eco-friendliness and practicality. If before, we had to buy AA or AAA batteries from the convenience store and end up throwing them out after a few days to months of use, the best rechargeable flashlight now allow us to recharge batteries in one of our outlets anytime we need it.

The best rechargeable flashlight is a trustworthy companions that could help us in every day life. How could more light be bad for any task? With a trustworthy flashlight in our pockets, we could go through are tasks with ease no matter what the light conditions are. A flashlight could simply be utilized in a hundred ways in our daily routines.

Here are two best rechargeable flashlights that could be helpful in your daily shenanigans: The CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 LED and the CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L 8066-T6


CVLIFE 800 Lumens Cree Xm-l 8066-T6

Which one is The Best Rechargeable Flashlight?

Two remarkable rechargeable flashlights in the market are manufactured by CVLIFE. Both have close specs to each other, except for a few alterations in mechanism. The CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 LED is lighter and is stretched to zoom light in and out, however, the CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L 8066-T6 is a bit heavier but is twisted to adjust lights zoom from a throw beam to flood.

Overall, we see XM-L 8066-T6 as the better option among the two due to its better mechanism in switching from flood output to throw. Twisting the knob in CVLIFE 800 Lumens Cree Xm-l 8066-t6 is easier to control and could be more compact compared to pulling the torch to and from the flashlight’s body in CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 LED. It may be a little heavier, but the weight could be handy most especially if you need to break windows or a weapon to hurt a potential agressor.

However, since the two are very close in specs, you can also choose the XM-L T6 for it’s weight. Extra care should be done though for it’s pull out mechanism to make sure that it won’t loosen through time.

Both flashlights can be charged in the car or on wall outlets. Running out of power would not be a problem.

If you’re not convinced or you simply want to learn more about what the XM-L T6 has to offer, read on as we discuss its features, pros, and cons further. This may help you in knowing if this is the light you need.


Flashlight Features

Recharge your flashlight anytime, anywhere

This flashlight could be charged through an outlet on the wall or through the car.

It makes use of rechargeable 18650 batteries that last to a day or more depending on the intensity of the usage. Usually, if one uses the flashlight regularly all through out the day in medium lumens output,

  • Bright output

With 800 lumens from a premium CREE LED light source, this flashlight has a blinding brightness and should be handled with care. Never direct this flashlight to a person’s face unless it’s for the purpose of saving yourself from an aggressor. The light is so bright that it could temporarily blind a person, but it’s also widely useful because of it’s higher capacity.

  • Five modes

Although the flashlight has a high maximum brightness, it has 5 different modes. It is thus unnecessary to pose threat to the peole around you for simple daily tasks.

This flashlight could emmit low, medium, or high light lumens and also has strobe and SOS modes for emergencies. Switching modes is easy. One can switch from one mode to another by pressing the power button twice.

  • Flood and throw

This flashlight could also switch from throw to flood mode simply by twisting the dimmer of the torch. If you need to spread the light wider, the dimmer of the torch can simply be turned to adjust the width of the output light. It can be a narrow beam that reaches far or a relatively shorter flood of light that spreads far.

  • Sturdy exteriors

This flashlight comes with a chassis made of aluminum alloy, making it both light and tough at the same time. Aside from the purpose of readjusting focus by turning the dimmer of the torch, this could also be used as a weapon to hit an aggressor, or break windows and other surfaces if needed.

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  • Easier mechanism to control light’s spread

It’s easier to twist the torch for controlling the light beam’s spread. It’s near the power button and is easy to control. It’s also a more intact mechanism compared to the pulling for XM-L T6.

  • Various modes

For normal daily tasks that need minimal brightness, the low and medium modes could be used. High brightness could be used for emrgencies or very dark areas while SOS and strobe could be used for different kinds of emergencies.


  • Heavier

This flashlight is slightly bigger, longer, and heavier than the XM-L T6. The difference is minute, but might make a big difference in fitting in pockets.

  • Switching modes may require a lot of clicks

It has a total of 5 modes. The power button has to be pressed once to turn off and twice to switch to the next mode. This means that if you want to switch from low brightness too high brightness, you would have to click 5 times. If you want to switch from low brightness to SOS mode, a total of 9 clicks would be needed.


Running out of power is not an option for a flashlight intended both for being a companion for efficiency and emergencies. A good CREE flashlight should be available when and where you need it and it would be best if it could be charged anywhere and anytime. This charger could be charged either on the wall or on the car. It is sturdy, bright, and has zoomable light. It also has an SOS mode that can be used both for emergencies and saving battery.

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Best Small Flashlight In The Market

Flashlights come in handy for just about any task in ourlives. Something that you can consider to be the best small flashlight would be lighter and smaller. This is to make bringing the flashlight around easy. The best small flashlight would be one that is within reach when you need it to be able to accomplish tasks easier and faster.

However, we often forget about our lights at the desk in the office, somewhere on our way out of the house, and in our car simply because it isn’t small enough to be comfortably worn or tucked in our pockets. There are some small and comfortable small flashlights, but they’re just not sturdy or functional enough for our needs.

That was before. But here we will provide you with small flashlights with one of the best specs for such a small size. Expect these two to be light, small, handy, and highly functional. These flashlights gonna be clingy.

Coast G19 vs Lipstick Style Flashlight Powerbank

Coast G19 LED Inspection Flashlight

Lipstick Style Small Flashlight Powerbank

Which one is the Best Small Flashlight?

One of the most promising small flashlights in the market would be the DE Lipstick Style Flashlight Powerbank and the Coast G19. Both are lightweight and compact but come with different specs and I would say, are two entirely different flashlights that would fit different people’s needs.

If you are to choose a flashlight with the best value for the price, go with the DE Lipstick Style Flashlight Powerbank. This is definitely an easy go-to choice as it could come with everything you need and more. It has a bright and dim mode, and even strobe mode for emergencies (or even just for fun for the kids). The powerbank is handy, but I honestly wouldn’t intentionally use this as a powerbank unless I have mine forgotten at home.

However, if you think about it carefully, the Coast G19 is a great choice too if you’re looking for a longterm flashlight that is sturdy. Make sure though that 54 lumens would be bright enough to fit your needs. If you ask me, 54 is enough for most day-to-day tasks and situations but would not be bright enough for very dark environments or emergencies. For this reason, we choose DE Lipstick Style Flashlight Powerbank as the best small flashlight. Hereon we will share this flashlight’s features, some pros and cons, and hopefully this will help you decide if this is the right flashlight for you!

Small Flashlight Features

The DE Lipstick Style Flashlight Powerbank is really great as a day-to-day buddy in the pocket, It’s also a perfect introduction to the functionality of having a handy small flashlight if you never had one before.

 DE Lipstick Style Small Flashlight Powerbank

  • Higly functional

This pocket flashlight comes with a bunch of features. It is quite a handy gadget for its small size. At 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches, you get a 2600mAh powerbank and multi-mode flashlight in your hands.

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  • Three modes

The flashlight could be used in 3 modes: dim, bright, and strobe. Strobe could be used as a self defense tactic to distract an aggressor, or to signal an emergency on the road. This is a flashlight mode that makes the light on the flashlight blink in a fast speed, a signal of emergency thet is widely recognized.

Dim on the other hand could work for close-up lighting that does not need too much blinding light, this would minimize counter-productive reflection too. Bright mode could be used either to light up a very dark place or to again, distract an aggressor.

Switching from one mode to another is also easy.

  • 8hrs of talk time in your pocket

This flashlight packs 2600mAh of lithium ion battery charge for light and for your phone. That allows you to have an extra 8hrs of talk time in your pocket, something that may be of great use especially when you’re on the go or when emergency arises.

Pros & Cons

  • Has 3 modes

This flashlight has 3 modes, surprising for its size and functionality. This small flashlight is really built to do more for its size, and is really the perfect solution when emergency comes. It’s a light when you need  it, and also a power source! Two things that are undeniably must-haves especially now in our time.

  • Powerbank

In a world where people are always busy and on-the-go, this feature is one of the greatest selling points of this pocket flashlight. 2600mAh Lithium ion capacity + a multi-mode flashlight. This sounds like the buddy that you’ll need within reach all the time.

  • Good chassis

This flashlight is packed in an aluminom alloy, a material that is common for sturdy tactical flashlights. It is however, not weather or dust proof.

  • A bit heavier

At 4 ounces, this flashlight is definitely on the light side. However, it is much heavier than the 0.2ounce Coast G19. This is something unsurprising for the Lithium power that it carries.

  • Not made for harsh conditions

This, unlike the Coast G19, is not impact proof and water resistant. If you’re a bit careless or you’re looking for a long-term flashlight, this might not be the best option.

  • No pocket clip

This is a trivial fact, but is of great importance. We carry small flashlights so we could bring them anywhere we want and have them handy when the need arises. Not having a pocket clip would then mean that we may leave them somewhere in the bag, home, or office, or they may slip off our pockets.

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The Verdict

This best small flashlight may seem like it has a lot of cons, but it has made up for that with its highly functional specs. This flashlight is a perfect must-have for emergencies, it is equipped with various modes and even a powerbank. It’s the perfect introductory course to the bright world of flashlights and its many functions that could help us in our daily tasks. Don’t think twice if you’ve never had a flashlight kept tuck in your pocket or if you don’t know how much help a small flashlight could be for you.

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Best flashlight brands showdown: Fenix vs Nitecore

Switching to tactical flashlights

Everyone who has got to get their hands on a handy and reliable tactical flashlight know how far their better off with one than the disposable plastic flashlights in the market. It’s ultra portable, durable, and made to last. Pair that up with mechanisms and other features and you’ve got a best-friend right in your pocket!

Choosing to switch to tactical flashlights from normal ones or even from not having lights in your pocket at all is an easy switch. The choices get tougher once you see the available tactical flashlight options in the market. The options are widely varied in terms of price, capacity, mechanisms, and size.

Best Flashlight Brands

The market for tactical flashlights is wide and varied and the players, the brands that design tactical flashlights, know their game well. Each brand boasts of a technology or mechanism unique to it. The choices and ideas are truly diverse and brilliant, and they sure don’t make it easy for one to choose the ideal tactical flashlight.

One thing’s for sure: price isn’t the best criteria for choosing a tactical flashlight. Brands on the other hand, are reasonable basis. Although you may pay more for “just a name”, these names are famous in the market for a reason. If people keep on buying products, then they must be doing something right.

Which brand is better for you? It’s not just a question of competence, it’s now a question of which exactly would match your needs. Tactical flashlights are designed from budget to size and power output for various and specific tactical flashlight users. The key to finding the perfect one is careful research and mindful decision-making.

Nitecore vs Fenix: Which is better?

Two of the biggest players in the tactical flashlight industry are Nitecore and Fenix. Which is better for you and what are the advantages of one over the other? Is it worth the price or is it overrated?


Nitecore is commited to creating bright, multi-mode, and tough tactical flashlights in small and practical packages. Their production process observes adherence to continually producing flashlights that are creative, unique, perfectly engineered, and most importantly, practical. Their designs are sleek and good engineering make its products a superior competitor in the market.

Nitecore releases lights on various product lines that are specialized on camping, every day carry, searching, and other tactical purposes.



  • Durability

It is especially known to be a good and tough flashlight for its patented spring-loaded absorption mechanism with reverse polarity protection.The technology’s name is pretty long, but it just basically makes the flashlight shock-proof and protects the tactical flashlight’s circuits and lights from shock when the flashlight falls.

Let’s face it, a tactical flashlight is expected to fall in one way or another and we can’t throw a big amount of money on something that will leave us after a fall or two. This innovation is present in models like SRT 6 and 7.


  • Convenient power source

Nitecore is also known for its power source convenience, as it makes use of up to 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. These batteries last really long, and a display is provided in the tactical flashlight to let the user know how much of the battery is left. No guessing or estimations required! Switching modes can consume different amounts of power in a given time, and it just isn’t easy to predict when you’ll run out of battery. This display is called a patented side switch power indicator light. This is specifically found in their Precise series.

On top of that, they pioneered USB charging and integreated A/C adapters that make running out of batteries a minor concern for its users.

  • Convenient UI

It’s also easy to use with its 2-button user interface as compared to the more difficult to operate single-button ones in the market.

  • Intelligent automatic dimming

In terms of battery life and light output, Nitecore also came up with an Adaptive Dimming Technology that utilizes an advanced circuit that is sensitive to angle and automatically dims lighting when the flashlight is pointing down to reduce glare and maximize battery life.


Premium and professional. This is one word that could describe Fenix. Fenix employs professional and talented engineers to design innovative technologies and advanced tactical flashlights, flashlights that are way ahead of its time.

Fenix, as made by professionals, are also made for professionals. Although adaptable to every day use, they have various lines made specifically for policemen, hunters, and soldiers.


  • Rugged and Bright

It’s designed to be tough and rugged for it to fit into the tough lifestyles of such people. Despite portable size and a tough chassis, it still manages to pack an abundant amount of light inside. Its light is one of its greatest highlights, as even the smallest once can pack really bright lights, enough to blind an aggressor or light up a dark area outdoors.

  • Convenient design

H-series are hands-free head lamps, while L-series have pocket clips to be tucked securely in its users’ pockets. It also comes with a wide array of accessories like bike mounts, filters, pressure switches, and more!

  • Trusted Quality Assurance

A lot of Fenix users do point out that aside from the great light output that this tactical flashlight provides, Fenix is known for its strict quality assurance procedures during the manufacturing process. Their customer service is also stellar, but the flashlights are tough enough to need much maintenance at the service center after.


In conclusion,

Fenix and Nitecore has an advantage over each other. If you’re looking for convenience in UI and battery usage, and if you aren’t after that much light output, then Nitecore is for you. Fenix is known to be tougher with its quality assurance, but fear not. Tactical flashlights by itself are made to be tough and last long. If you are careful enough and your job or purpose doesn’t compel you to move too fast or drop your stuff accidentally, this is a good choice!

If you’re a professional looking for the most light output with a sough after quality assurance practice to assure that your tactical flashlight would be there right when you need it, no matter how tough times could get, then Fenix is for you!

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Tactical Flashlights Buying Guide: Selecting the perfect fit for your needs

Tactical flashlights are extremely functional companions in our daily life. They could be used in a wide range of utility purposes, and could even be used for self-defense.

They have evolved from the heavy and bulky flashlight illuminated by fragile bulbs and D or AA batteries, to the now extremely durable, compact, and more functional tactical flashlights fit for every day carry and use.

Tactical flashlights are now powered by LED, a more compact and energy-efficient light source that has a longer life span. Its top grade, CREE LED, is said to have a life span that could last up to 100,000 hours. CREE flashlight review from its users are proof that these types of light source could last up to more than 5 years and counting.

If you’re looking for a tactical flashlight to be your everyday companion in your daily tasks and possibly some emergencies, here’s a guide to help you choose the best tactical flashlight there could possibly be.

Before proceeding, bear goals and purpose for buying one in mind. Once you’ve decided, it will be easy to have one perfect for your needs.

Purpose and functionality

If you’re a fireman, police, hunter, or in the special forces, you would know exactly how important and what tactical flashlights are for, however, an average person would probably never be able to imagine how often he/she may pull out a tactical flashlight if he/she had one.

Tactical flashlights are highly functional. They come in handy in almost every emergency situation and even make daily tasks become easier feats to accomplish.

What are you going to be using the flashlight for?

If it’s only for finding lost things in the dark or finding your way back whenever you lose direction in a dark place, a low lumens level would be enough.

However, if you intend to use it for self defense as a distracting light source, a weapon for hitting, or a blinding light, a higher lumens level and a sturdy body is a must.



A higher lumens level is brighter, has the capacity to be blinding, and could illuminate a larger space. However, it also consumes battery life faster.

Tactical flashlights are not only handy and portable. They have become one of man’s greatest companion for their high functionality. A tactical flashlight with only one function will limit you to what it already has when you buy it

Special modes


NITECORE P12 1000 Lumens Precise Tactical Flashlight CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Waterproof Flashlight 2015 Version

Take for example, a flashlight with only one mode could either have a flood or throw beam. This is an important consideration.

Would you like to use it to see something far, or would you like it to illuminate a wider area? Flood illuminates wider areas, while throw reaches longer and is especially more useful for target shooting and hunting.

Some more advanced tactical flashlights are also equipped with more modes like strobe, SOS, and beacon. Strobe is a inconsistent blinking light that is used to distract an opponent, while SOS and beacon modes are for survival and are great in conserving battery.

Light source

As for lighting sources, flashlights started to be equipped with classic bulbs that overheat after long usage and break after a fall. This was before LED light took the game to another level, as it provided energy efficient, brighter, and lighter light sources for flashlights. It made it possible for flashlights to be smaller and pocket sized, without compromising light quality.

For most of the mid-range to high-end flashlights, “CREE” could be seen. This is the best LED light created, with a longer life span, an even higher energy efficiency and light brightness. CREE flashlight review articles say that you won’t feel the need to charge it often despite using a high lumens mode.

Durability and Longevity

It is also important for most people to have a companion that lasts. Would you want to buy the perfect handy tactical flashlight only to be compelled to replace it regularly?

Most tactical flashlights are made to last, but it’s important to dissect the components that make it last longer.



People had been looking for lighter and more compact tactical flashlights now. This has given way to manufacturing tactical flashlights with a plastic chassis.

Tactical flashlights with a body made of plastics or composite are definitely lighter and cost less, but may not be as sturdy as its steel, titanium, and anodized aluminum counterparts.

Titanium on the other hand is light and sturdy too, but is very costly. Stainless steel is on the heavy side, despite its durability, and anodized aluminum is what most tactical flashlights are made of now.

If you’re particular about the weight and durability of the body, especially if you are considering using this as a weapon for self-defense when the need arises, these are facts that could be considered.


Same with functionality and purpose, the light source is important for longevity too.

Some bulbs are meant to last longer than others, and some can emit a large amount of light for a longer lifespan than others could.

The best would be CREE LED.

If you are on a budget, don’t settle for anything less than an LED unless there’s a need for you to. These bulbs are meant to last long and strong, and they are better companions especially for the long run.



Lastly, the budget is an important factor to consider in buying one. A budget need not be a limiting factor, but it could challenge your goals.

Knowing what you need creates a big difference. Knowing your device well enough to know how to take care of it would also help you make it last?

For the body, plastic and composites chassis are usually the cheapest. The prices go higher and higher from anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium.

For the light source, LED lights are not expensive at all, but the longer lasting and brighter CREE lights would cost more. You can choose which ones you’d need for the tactical flashlight that would fit your needs.

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Making tactical flashlights an every day companion

A tactical flashlight could be useful in more ways than one. It is called “tactical” because it was initially created to serve tactical purposes for men in the military or police in a mission.

Tactical flashlights could be used in self defense, or simply in finding lost things or a lost direction. You may not appreciate its use at first, but once you have it, you’ll be surprised at how often you may have to pull it out when in need.

A tactical flashlight could make daily tasks easier simply by providing the user better sight of what he or she is doing. Our sight is one of our strongest senses, and providing ample light when needed makes a big difference.

It is therefore practical to consider a tactical flashlight that could be a daily companion. By having one, it must be mobile and easy to carry around for you to be able to take it around with you and have it within reach when you need it. What would an everyday companion tactical flashlight be if it’s in your room when you need it in your office?

There are several criteria to consider in choosing an everyday tactical flashlight. Here are some:

Size and weightmaking-tactical-flashlights-an-every-day-companion-3

This is one of the primary things to consider in choosing an everyday carry flashlight.

It has to be light an compact enough for you to be able to carry it around without any discomfort, or even without noticing it.

Some tactical flashlights could simply be put in your pocket, but it would be easier to have it hanging on your belt

The material of the chassis is mostly what accounts for the tactical flashlight’s weight. Most flashlights are made of anodized aluminum, they are light and durable enough. Some are made of lighter plastics, while others are made of an equally light but significantly more expensive titanium. If you don’t think you would mind the weight, a stainless steel is a good option too.


 An everyday carry flashlight would mostly be needed for simply illumination.

If this is the case, you may simply buy any simple but durable tactical flashlight available.

However, if you are considering to use it for self defense, you may consider buying ones with a solid and rigid body, and special modes for blinding or distracting an aggressor. An easily manipulated switch is also a must.



It’s important to choose your everyday companion well.

The goal is to make it a part of your daily life, and to even make it an extension of yourself.

With this in mind, you can choose one that you are comfortable with in terms of controls, modes, weight, size, shape, and grip.

Once you get your ideal tactical flashlight buddy, I doubt you’d be thrilled to have to change it when it breaks or stops functioning.

To really have it easily carried with you around your routines, it must be able to last long and strong. Look for tactical flashlights with a solid chassis and a LED light that has a long life span.


Most of the durable tactical flashlights that are meant to last a lifetime would significantly cost more than the others. That may sound like an impractical buy, but it’s a wise choice for something that you’d like to keep for years and years.

Instead of buying a new one each time the old one breaks, or instead of buying one that will eventually break and deciding that you wouldn’t want the hassle of a tactical flashlight anymore, it’s better to buy a tactical flashlight that will last for a long time.

There are many mid-range and high-end choices to choose from. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, durability, and weight, but you could make up for that by knowing its capacities and limitations and taking care of it as needed.

All in all, a tactical flashlight is a fantastic investment. It could definitely help you become more productive in your daily task.


If you are considering buying one, I suggest for you not to back out on this plan. This is one of the best decisions one could ever make. Just keep in mind that a good tactical flashlight would be one that would be within reach when you need it. That includes emergencies that you may have no foresight on, so it’s best to have one you’d be comfortable bringing around with you at all times.

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